Harbor Crane Ahoy!
Can a wooden building rival the Harbor Crane of Harlingen? House Harbor Crane Ahoy! is the result of maniacal pursuit of the highest achievable on a plot of barely fifteen square meters. A warehouse that feels like a cathedral inside. With panoramic sea views from the floor.

Unmatched comfort

Harbor Crane Ahoy is very suitable for a night, a few days, or a week in Fryslân. For two people. The large entrance doors unlock the intimate sleeping area from the garden. Behind it, a serene space for sanitary rituals. A staircase constructed by golden hands takes you to the living floor. There you pass a remarkably large kitchen on your way to a stage with delightful armchairs.

Havenkraan Ahoy Harlingen

It never gets old

From that stage, with a gigantic triangular window, the world changes every second. The ferries, fishing boats, and traditional sailing ships in the harbor. The route to the Wadden Islands Vlieland and Terschelling. The vastness of the World Heritage Wadden Sea. It never gets old!

Havenkraan Ahoy Harlingen

Full of history

The warehouse has an interesting history. In earlier times, bicycles were parked here by people going to and from the islands Vlieland and Terschelling. Vlieland iron artist Maarten Nijman made a light object in memory of this, which throws exciting shadows on the roof cladding of Ahoy on the floor. The steel sphere consists solely of discarded parts of island bicycles.

Havenkraan Ahoy Harlingen

Harbor Crane Ahoy!

The name for the cottage is obvious: Harbor Crane Ahoy! The window on the floor of this house offers a stunning view of the Harbor Crane of Harlingen. During the day, it reigns supreme in a sea full of nautical activity. At night, thanks to the mysteriously illuminated hoisting installation, it serves as a beacon for sailors and landlubbers.

Havenkraan Ahoy Harlingen

In summary

  • Magnificent sea view
  • Relax in delightful armchairs
  • Sleep in ultimate privacy
  • In all simplicity, everything breathes quality
  • Suitable for longer stays


  • Bed & bath linen
  • Complete kitchen inventory
  • Nespresso
  • Smart TV & Audio
  • Wifi
  • Hairdryer
  • Spottingscope
  • Outdoor terrace